Entrepreneurial Mindset for Successful Life Stakeholders

One of the great achievements of our project has been the creation of networks between the four schools that are part of the project and the entrepreneurs, associations and local authorities in each of the cities where these educational centres are located.

The following are the main stakeholders of EMSL Erasmus+.

Spanish Stakeholders

Andalucía Emprende (CADE Benalmádena)

They organized several training workshops at Playamar Secondary School on entrepreneurship aimed at the students participating in the project.

They advised us on the different legal forms for the company created in the project, as well as the study of the financial viability of the idea.


“Acción Contra el Hambre” NGO

They organized workshops on recruitment and job interviews. They focused on the social dimension of entrepreneurship.


“Tell me a game” Board Game Association (“Cuéntame un juego”)

After deciding that our company’s main product would be an educational board game, we looked for experts in this field to create a quality product. The association “Tell me a game” organized several workshops at the IES Playamar about board games and advised us in every step of the creation of our game “Crush”.


Imualandia (Isabel Umbría)

Isabel Umbría has been in charge of transforming the sketches created by our students into professional designs for our board game “Crush”.

Paul Read and Cherry Jeff (Artists and entrepreneurs)

During Mobility C3 (Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils), they organized a workshop on “Marketing and Branding”. They shared their experience as entrepreneurs and advised students from all four countries on the importance of marketing and branding for the success of their business.


Emmanuel Lafont (Artist) and Alberto Cortés (Art Teacher and artist)

During Mobility C3: Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils they organized a workshop on “Creativity, Art and Entrepreneurship”. During the second part of the workshop the students had the opportunity to create a work of art with the help of the two artists.



During the First Transnational Meeting of EMSL Eramus+ (November, 2017), ECEI and Edufinet organized the round table “Connecting the education system with the business world: the need to foster an entrepreneurial culture”. It was attended by representatives of the banking sector, the business world and the sector of education.


Torremolinos City Council

The Torremolinos City Council collaborated with our Erasmus+ project by providing municipal facilities for our meetings and participating in the welcome of our C3 mobility partners.


French Stakeholders


The manager, Jean Marc Defour delivered a conference on management to the French students at the start of the Erasmus and participated to the two round tables (sharing his professional experience with the French students, and talking about the importance of the business plan and innovation in companies) that were organised by the Erasmus team.



We visited the coworking during the first blended mobility in April 2018. The manager helped the Erasmus students build the business plan of their company Y.E.S. The students went there to get professional advice.


Jardin de Cocagne

We visited the company during the first blended mobility in April 2018.
The manager participated to the two round tables organised by the Erasmus+ team.



We visited the company during the first blended mobility in April 2018.
The manager participated to the two round tables organised by the Erasmus+ team.


Bulgarian Stakeholders

Interplast LTD, the town of Haskovo

A visit of the production premises of Interplast LTD was organised by the project team and the company managers. They showed the project group the industrial process, explained in detail where the raw materials come from, the machines – purchase, use and maintenance; the recruitment of the employees – the selection criteria, employment, responsibilities. The company managers talked about the company departments, the history of the company and its further activities, their participation in European grant projects as well as how investing money in new machines can expand the production that is exported abroad.

They advised the students – project participants on the legislation and the accounting activities.

Regional Administration Haskovo

The students – project participants, took part in a public discussion “Cyber security, digital literacy and safe internet behaviour”, held in the Regional Administration – Haskovo. It was organised by the Eurodeputy Eva Maydell and supported by the Regional Governor. This event was attended by students from the region, teachers and principals, experts from the Regional Department of the Ministry of Education, mayors, cyber safety experts, the Head of Cyber Crime Department at General Directorate Combating Organized Crime. Here the students received significant information and advice for safe Internet surfing, details how to use office 365 as well as the advantages of the eTwinning platform for successful communication in the academic world.

The Regional Administration – Haskovo also organised a round table discussion, entitled “What would a day without the European Union look like?”, where issues such as civil education, universities in Europe, advantages and disadvantages to be a member of the EU, were discussed. This forum was also attended by the Eurodeputy Eva Maydell who provoked young people to express their point of view on the issues, important for their future development and career. She talked about the programme Erasmus +, the eTwinnig platform, the cooperation among schools from different EU countries.

Folk Dance Group YUZHNYACHE

The International group was welcomed by the folk dance group “Yuzhnyache”, hosted by the Youth Center – Haskovo, where everybody had the opportunity to take part in the Bulgarian folk dance, called “horo”. The dancers acquainted the group of students and teachers – project participants – with the main steps of this dance and also showed steps and dances typical for the various regions of Bulgaria. The visitors got dressed in Bulgarian costumes from our region and enjoyed our national music, feeling the power of the Bulgarian folklore.

Obshtinska banka (Municipal Bank)

Students—participants in the project “Entrepreneurial Mindset for Successful life”, Erasmus +programme visited Obshtinska banka (Municipal Bank), branch Haskovo. They took part in a training course for Financial Literacy and received detailed information about the various grants that newly-founded companies can get in order to start and run their own business. Bank experts explained the meaning of financial terms such as “interest”, “mortgage”, “leasing”. They also provided practical information about the risks of taking loans.

Italian Stakeholders

Cava de’ Tirreni municipality

The City council was involved in Erasmus+ project by organizing a warm welcome at the town hall, a guided visit in English language of the historical building , of the history of the town and by contributing a fund in the transportation from Cava de’ Tirreni to Badia and Amalfi Coast during the C4 mobility in Italy.


LASPED Engineering service S.R.L. – Engineer Leonardo Aloia

A building construction company located in Cava de’ Tirreni, cooperated by organizing several workshops about the main principles to become a successful entrepreneur at IIS Della Corte-Vanvitelli. The company represented by Engineer Leonardo Aloia, offered a guided visit of the laboratory with demonstrations about the quality and resistance of building materials with practical example tests during the C4 mobility in Italy.


University of Agriculture Portici, Naples – Professor Guido D’Urso

Professor Guido D’Urso organized a guided visit of the Department of Agriculture – University Federico II and of the Royal Palace in Portici –Naples. He gave a lesson to all groups of students and teachers on the possibility to become successful entrepreneurs in the field of Agriculture. He presented some practical examples of application in a powerpoint presentation based on his research works.


Graphic Company “OK Pubblicità” – Cava de’ Tirreni

They received all delegations of students and teachers in their company. They provided some gadgets for our guests during the C4 Blended activity in Italy, created shopping bags in natural fiber with the logos of the Italian school, the project and of the students’ company Emporio Tirreno Express. These shopping bags, were used as containers of officinalis herbs and little aromatic plants, during dissemination events organized at school in Italy.


“Dolcezze” pasticceria di A. Ferrentino – Cava de’ Tirreni

The company cooperated by providing some workshops about marketing and branding and an interview on how to promote their products to Italian students during the two-years project.

They offered their typical local products “The Confettoni” during the welcome ceremony organized at IIS Della Corte-Vanvitelli within the Erasmus+ project C4 Mobility held in Italy.


“Royal Trophy” Company S.r.l.

The owner of the company Mrs Vanda Di Miro, participated to a round-table on entrepreneurship , describing her business and explaining how to develop entrepreneurial attitude She encouraged young people to start up a business taking into account some principles to follow to be successful.

The company contributed flags, gadgets, hats and plaques with logos and pictures and confectionery to IIS Della Corte-Vanvitelli during the welcome ceremony organized by the Italian Erasmus+ team for the C4 Meeting held in Italy.


Pancrazio S.P.A.

The company contributed by granting an interview about the entrepreneurial policies to Italian students. They shared their experience as entrepreneurs and offered their tomatoes products for the exhibition of Italian students Company “Emporio Tirreno Express”, during the presentation of the final products presented during the C4 short-term exchanges of students.

Pancrazio 2

Flagwavers Cavensi – (Sbandieratori Cavensi)

The Folklorist group Cavensi was involved in the welcome ceremony at IIS Della Corte-Vanvitelli during the C4 short-term exchanges of groups of students. The flagwavers offered a colourful and a cultural performance.


Bolla Pontificia Cultural association- Cava de’ Tirreni

The Bolla Pontificia cultural association, participated in the Erasmus+ project with a show during the welcome ceremony at IIS Della Corte-Vanvitelli in March 2019.


Istituto Comprensivo Carducci Trezza – Cava de’ Tirreni

The Headmistress, teachers and students of Istituto Comprensivo Carducci-Trezza, a lower secondary local school in Cava, cooperated in our Erasmus+ project by participating in the welcome ceremony with a show of their students’ orchestra and choir.


Cioffi Family Farming Company – San

The Cioffi family has been rooted in the Picentino Valley for generations, a territory dedicated to the cultivation of olives. The oil enriches our food, and nothing can replace the flavor, the fragrance, the splendid color.

In the economy of the Mediterranean countries, olive oil has been a fundamental means of development and has a very wide use.

They cooperated with some workshops on entrepreneurship and on how to promote products and conduct a business.

They offered extra virgin olive oil for our Company “Emporio Tirreno Express”.