Third Transnational meeting in France

This third Transnational Meeting within the Erasmus+ programme KA2 Entrepreneurial Mindset for Successful Life” was held in Monistrol Sur Loire – France from 29th April to 3rd May 2019.

The French coordinator and host of this mobility had discussed with all the other project partners and included in the agenda activities to prepare the evaluation of the project and its sustainability, to share good practices in education.

The four main objectives of this meeting were as follows:

a) To work on the evaluation of the activities carried out during the project.
b) To design a sustainability plan after the end of the project.
c) Exchange of good educational practices.
d) Exchange of good practices in the management of schools.

First day of the meeting

The first working day of the mobility – Monday, 29th April, 2019 started with a welcome to the Spanish Team at the Lycèe Lèonard De Vinci. We were welcomed by the headmaster Mr. David Gay.


Visit to the lower secondary school Le Monteil

After that we visited the lower secondary school ´Le Monteil’ in Monistrol where there are two programmes for inclusion in education. The teachers in charge of each programme explained how they work and the benefits for the students. This part of the day ended with a very interesting meeting, the headmaster of the French school, Mr. Exbrayat, met with the Spanish headmaster to compare the French and Spanish management in the Education system.

Lunch at Lycée restaurant

Lunch was organized at the Lycée restaurant. After the lunch break the day continued with the presentation by two French students of a groupwork on Oceans pollution and propositions to fight against it. We had the opportunity to test the board game they had created.

Visit to Le Puy

In the late afternoon the teachers visited Le Puy. The French team organized a very interesting guided visit.

Working session

The second day of this last transnational meeting – Tuesday 30th April, 2019 started at the Lycèe Lèonard De Vinci with a working session, the main topics addressed were final report evaluation surveys on the European added value to the project, dissemination and changes in the website of the project. We analyzed the report prepared by the Spanish and French coordinators with the work done until that moment. We also reviewed the changes made to improve the website of the project After a short break we started the second working session of the day about the sustainability of the EMSL project. Several new ideas were proposed such as creating a new e-Twinning project to continue the work done during these two years or organizing students exchanges.

Maths lesson in English

After the lunch break the day continued with a Maths lesson in English to a French class organized by the Spanish coordinator to explain how the bilingual programme works at the Spanish School.

How to make portraits

The session that followed was held in a very interesting way. We had a practical presentation on how to make portraits. This activity was in charge of one of the French teachers who professionally carries out this activity.

Farewell evening at the school for parents

At 6:00 p.m. the hosts had organized a farewell evening at the school for parents, students, entrepreneurs, administration and teachers and the local press. Firstly, Mr. Gilles Mondon presented his company. He explained how he combines his teaching work with the management of his company and what his motivations were both as a Biology teacher and as an entrepreneur. Also what are the main activities that are developed in his business. He then presented the video he made during his mobility in Italy. All attendees were surprised by the quality of the images, especially by the parts recorded using a drone.

Presentations of the activities carried out

The second part of the event began with a speech by the French headmaster who thanked all the participants in the project for their dedication and highlighted the importance of European projects in the life of schools. After that the students involved in each of the mobilities carried out during the project made presentations of the activities carried out in these meetings and explained to the audience what their impressions are about our project and which have been the greatest advantages. To close the ceremony we had a ballroom dance exhibition. This activity included a practical lesson and attendees learned the basic steps of some of these dances and joined the professional dancers on stage to dance with them.

Buffet dinner in the school restaurant

After the ceremony all those present enjoyed a buffet dinner in the school restaurant.

Guided visit to a cheese factory

The third day of the mobility Wednesday 1tst May, 2019 was related to the cultural heritage of France – namely a guided visit to a chesse factory (Fourme de Montbrison), followed by a traditional lunch in the “Jasserie” up in the mountain and a visit to Champdieu. In the final part of the day we learned about the properties of the thermal waters in “Montrond les Bains”. During the dinner the Spanish, Italian and Bulgarian participants shared their experiences in the management of European projects. Although it was not an activity organized within the agenda of the meeting, this improvised working session was very enriching and allowed for the exchange of good practices.

Workshop for the principals of the four schools

The fourth day – Thursday 2nd May, 2019 started at the French school with a workshop for the principals of the four schools. The objective of the activity was to exchange good practices in the management of educational centers. The subheadmaster of the Lycée, Mr. Sébastien Lamadon, explained to the other headteachers about the French educational system and the task of a headmaster. The four headteachers compared their jobs such as the syllabus, the administrative tasks, the relation with the parents and teachers, the students’ future orientations and jobs, and the also talked about the new educational reform in France. All attendees expressed that the activity was very enriching and allowed them to increase their knowledge of different European education systems.

Visiting a welding company in Yssingeaux

After the workshop we visited Mr. Jean-Marc Defour company, “Fayolle”, a welding company in Yssingeaux. The manager of the company has been one of the entrepreneurs who has collaborated in the realization of the Erasmus project. The company and the schools highlighted the importance of creating networks between both institutions to improve the quality of education as well increase the students’ knowledge about creating a company and to give them a more realistic understanding of what a company really is.

Working session for the project’s coordinators

Lunch was organized at the Lycée restaurant. After the lunch break the day continued with a working session for the project’s coordinators. The main points of the meeting were the following: review of the documentation necessary for the preparation of the final report, criteria for the elaboration of the reports on the evaluation of the different activities carried out, possible additions to the project website, working protocol for the joint elaboration of the final report and review of the final products developed during the project.

Cultural exchange in Lyon

The last day – Friday 3rd May, 2019 this day’s activities were of a cultural exchange nature and took place in Lyon. Some of the activities that were carried out were the following: visit to the city including a visit to the Silk Museum in ‘La Croix Rousse’, then some ‘traboules’ and lunch in a typical ‘bouchon’ Le Garet.

We would like to thank the great involvement of the French teachers during the duration of the entire meeting, specially from the French coordinator, Ms. Sauvade.