Activities done at IIS Della Corte Vanvitelli (Italy)

On this page you will find a summary of the activities that have been carried out within our Erasmus + project EMSL at IIS Della Corte Vanvitelli.

Presentation of the project

At the beginning of the project the Italian coordinator and the headminstress of “I.I.S. Della Corte – Vanvitelli” presented the objectives, the mobilities and the works to be done within the “Entrepreneurial Mindset for successful life”. They met students teachers and parents.

Creation of Erasmus Corner

Students from “I.I.S. Della Corte – Vanvitelli” were involved in the creation of posters and boards to be exhibited at school.

Logo Competition

Students of “I.I.S. Della Corte – Vanvitelli” – Cava de’ Tirreni – Italy, were invited to create a logo of the project. After that, two logos were chosen to participate in the international logo competition.

Meeting with entrepreneurs

At “I.I.S. Della Corte – Vanvitelli” students met some entrepreneurs who explained them “how to be successful entrepreneurs”. Students interviewed some of them such as the owner of the “Royal Trophy” Mrs. Vanda Di Miro and produced a video. She explained the secrets to be successful that were summarized by students in the final presentation in Italy.

The entrepreneurs were:


The students visited the companies “Dolcezze” and “Pancrazio”.

Dissemination Activities 

During the two years project, we have  organized many events for dissemination of all school projects and of course for Erasmus+ KA2 “Entrepreneurial Mindset for Successful life” too.

During our cooperation one of important point has been the divulgation of activities and mobilities carried out during the project. At the end of each meeting  students and teachers met all erasmus group, to discuss the results of activities. Students met their erasmus+ plus friends and described the activities done abroad. We met teachers , students and parents to present the students’ works and visits during their stay in another school and country.

Dissemination activities were planned in local  lower secondary schools and  at IIS Della Corte-Vanvitelli during open days  and at the Town hall where Local Authorities welcomed the exchanges groups in Italy.

Activity carried out before the meeting held in italy (March 2019).

Before the meeting in Italy, among the preparatory activities , the Spanish partner and coordinator of the project from Playamar, proposed a collaborative activity in occasion of the International Women’s day on 8th March 2019 . It was focused on the translation of the Manifesto  against Gender Violence  in all languages and the choice of a representative women in each country. So, before the meeting in Italy ,in our school, some interesting  works were produced . A group of teachers and students created a video on the Violence against women, a group of teachers and students translated the Manifesto in Italian language and some students created very nice posters about our representative and important women. The Orchestra Director Beatrice Venezi was chosen as our example of woman who has been successful in a men’s field. Then it was created a poster on a very important woman born in Cava de’ Tirreni who became very popular in Germany after the II world war, for her great  humanity and  heart , our so called Mamma Lucia.

Then, during the meeting in Italy, four classes were chosen in which  Spanish and Italian students could  read and discuss the Manifesto Against gender violence. In the Auditorium of the school, the video about Violence on women was projected.