IIS Della Corte Vanvitelli

IIS Della Corte Vanvitelli is a Technical Secondary School, located in Cava de’ Tirreni in the south-west of Italy, in the region Campania.

The town is a very nice place, rich in history and traditions. It has been named “Town of Folkore“ for its many cultural and historical events. Its economy is principally based on commerce and tourism. It is very close to the Amalfi Coast and Salerno. Students come from the surrounding area Agro-nocerino Sarnese which is an area at high rate of unemployment and risk of youth crime.

Our Educational courses are: CAT (Construction, Environment and Territory), Finance and Marketing, Tourism, Graphics and Electronics and Electrical Engineering (Biomedical).

Pupils study Italian, Foreign Languages, History, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Informatics; furthermore, since the third year , according to the different courses, they study technical subjects such as Graphics, Economy, Law and Technical Drawing , Management, Geopedology , Building technology, Topography.

We prepare young people in the spirit of democratic citizenship,
we respect the equality of chances in their preparation in order to be citizens of a United Europe.

Our school promotes cultural and artistic values and it is involved in national and European projects. Our aim is improving the quality of school intercultural, entrepreneurial, environmental education furthermore we pay attention to prevent violence and drugs through moral , health and legal education.

We promote projects aimed at giving students the opportunity of job experiences at local and international levels. Some of our most important long-term projects (three years) our School branches offer are:

“Digital Paints Project” for Graphics and Communication department.

It aims at enriching the disciplinary training offer that do not always find adequate spaces within curricula.

The objectives can be summarized in the following points:

  • to strengthen students’ competence and awareness in the management of digital languages ​​and tools, including analogue ones, in order to provide a strong contribution to school performance and, subsequently, to post-school and / or work
  • to develop of base and transversal citizenship skills
  • to master technical and professional skills

“Simulation management of a company project” for Finance and Marketing department.

The objectives of this project are to develop the concrete meaning of the most recurring business groups that range from the company registration in the business register (unique communication) to managing relationships with public entities (Income, Inps, Inail Agencies), relationship management with banking and non-bank intermediaries, relationship management with professionals, managing relationship with suppliers and customers, design and implementation of business and marketing strategies, and setting up a business budget.

“Territory, Raw material of Tourism project” for Tourism Department

The purpose of the project is to give students in the field of tourist reception, practical experiences of presenting the socio-cultural, artistic and landscaping aspects of their territory.

At the end of the course, students will acquire spendable skills in the fields of:

  • tourist information
  • tourism marketing and reception and accompaniment services

Testing and verification of building materials project” for Costruction Environment and Territory department.

At the end of the course students will acquire spendable skills as professional figures in different areas that regard the choice of construction materials the application of different evaluation methods and the use of testing equipments.

“Demolition (Elimination)of Architecural barriers in Ravello project” for a class in the Costruction Environment and Territory department.

The project is to be carried out in partnership with the Ravello City Council, the Ravello Foundation . The aims are:

The Elimination of architectural barriers in Ravello for a universal design.

Knowledge in a specific technical area, improving technical knowledge, operational skills, profile-specific methodologies, the professional area, integrating theory and practice into a specific technical and professional context.

Important International past projects are:

PON projects – Work experience in local Companies Such as “Ok Pubblicità” for students attending the Graphic studies
or by “LA Sped Tirreno” for students who follow Construction studies.

Our School has received various grants in Multilateral Comenius projects :

“Water in Europe”,

“Food and Health”

(national e-quality)

Green Building

In addition it has received grants for preparatory visits and study visit as
individual mobilities. Our latest approved Erasmus + KA1 “SMART EUROPEAN PASS” will give twenty teachers and administrative officers, training Courses and jobshadowing activity abroad in the school year 2017-18. The school has been registered in eTwinning and is going to receive the certification of ETWINNING School as teachers working in this school have received various certificates of National Quality. At a local level our school has organized some internship for students with private and public companies and offices.

“IIS Della Corte Vanvitelli” has been selected in our region to be one of the best school centers for the diffusion of the new programme Erasmus plus in the years 2013-14 and 2014-15 according to an agreement with The
Convitto Nazionale in Naples and other schools located in Campania Region and for the sharing of the best practices in applying for
the actions offered by the programme.
We share Erasmus plus VET KA1 “TURIART” “Training opportunities for young graduated in Art and Tourism” Work experience for students after diploma (4 months) with the Comune di Vietri Sul Mare.

We have shared ERASMUS+ KA1 of HTL School –with Hallein Austria „Internship Abroad – Mehr als nur ein Praktikum“.

We have hosted Austrian students for their work experience in our town.
We share the project ERASMUS PLUS KA1 VET Learners GLOCAL- (Grant for Learning Opportunities in European Countries
aimed at promoting Local Development) with Glocal srl.

The aim of the project is to create opportunities of work
experience for students after they get their diploma so that they can can work in a wide range of different areas.

After school, leaving students are granted admission to any Italian University Department.