IES Playamar

IES Playamar is a Bilingual Secondary and High School situated in Torremolinos, in the south of Spain.

Our town is a place of great cultural riches and our School is a reflection of these riches. Students of more than thirty different nationalities and backgrounds study in the School. This cultural diversity has always worked as an asset for the acquisition of long life learning skills, turning our school into a unique multicultural centre.

Our School was founded in 1998 as a small School that only offered compulsory secondary studies. This current school year it is attended by 960 students at the ages of 12 to 20 years and the following studies are offered:

1. Bilingual compulsory secondary studies

These studies are divided in four schools years. In the last year students can choose between two different options: a scientific option and a social science option. Both options work on foreign languages English and French up to level B1 in the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

As a bilingual School some of our curriculum is provided in English. The subjects that are currently taught in English are History and Geography, Biology, Physics and Chemistry, Maths and Arts.

2. Non-compulsory secondary education

Our school offers two different options:

  1. Baccalaureate. We have four itineraries: Health Science, Technological, Socio-economic sciences, and Humanities.
  2. Vocational training in two levels.
    • b.1) Two options for intermediate level vocational training are available: Electro-mechanic of motor vehicles (“Electromecánica de vehículos automóviles”) and Micro-computing systems and computer networks (“Sistemas microinformáticos y redes”)
    • b.2) Basic professional training in computing. This two-years course allows students who are 16 years old or older and do not have a Secondary Education Certificate to obtain a professional training.

Preparing them to play an active role as responsible citizens

Providing our students with learning experience that prepares them to play an active role as responsible citizens. We participate in several programmes organized by the Government of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucía), such as:

  1. “Schools, Places of Peace” programme. We have been awarded with several Official Institutional distinctions on “Positive Communal Living and Team Building” for our work on this programme.b) “Environmental Education” programme. We have been participating in different projects within this programme and we collaborate with the town council in areas such as recycling.c) Long life Habits programme (“Forma Joven”).
  2. “Cinema Classroom” (“Aula de Cine”).

We also offer to our students educational coaching.

Promoting more and better jobs

The School offers a qualified dual vocational training. We are the only School in Andalusia that offers this modality in “Electro-mechanic of motor vehicles”.

Using new technologies

Using new technologies in our teaching methodology and providing our students with high-level skills in the use of new information and communication technologies.

Our School is equipped with computers, SMART boards, presentation equipment and Wi-Fi.

A large number of teachers participate in Working Groups in order to develop further skills in innovative educational technologies.

In the same vein, our Technology department offers robotic lessons.

Spreading an entrepreneurial attitude among our students.

We are part of the program “Innitia” to promote entrepreneurship among students. In addition, we offer several optional subjects directly connected to entrepreneurship. We also coordinate two Erasmus+ projects related to the same topic.