EMSL Companies

Entrepreneurial Mindset for Successful Life Companies

Being the primary objective of the project the development of entrepreneurship,
our greatest achievement is the founding of a company in each of the institutes participating in the project.

Discover which companies we are creating and access their websites.

CRUSH from Spain



Our company, Crush, works to encourage equality among the youngest and thus try to eradicate intolerance, gender violence, homophobia, etc.

We offer different resources such as activities that can be developed in schools to promote equality classified by categories, audiovisual material, workshops and our own board game, CRUSH, aimed at teaching values while children play.

In the video you can see the official presentation during the International Gaming Fair in Córdoba of our game “Crush”.



The main product of the company created at IES Playamar is the board game Crush. After more than a year working on the prototype, Crush is available. In this video you can see some images of its final version.
With this game the youngest will be able to learn about respect for diversity while playing.




The Ministry of Education of Andalusia recognized the importance of the game by selecting IES Playamar as an example of good practice in coeducation to participate in the “I Encuentro Aulas Violetas Andalucía” on 25 November 2019. The director general of Attention to Diversity, Participation and School Coexistence, Daniel Bermudez, showed great interest in the game during this day.

Y.E.S from France

Y.E.S (Young Elegant Sustainable) is a small company created by Léonard de Vinci’s students in Monistrol sur Loire (France Auvergne) as part of the Erasmus+project (EMSL) Entrepreneurial Mindset for Successful Life. They have chosen to create a company that looks like them, young and eco resposible. Their idea is to repair , recycle and upcycle clothes on demand from customers to reduce the thousands of tons of waste done by our old clothes. They bring them up to date and as the customers want them.

The company is based on the 5Rs.


In a friendly and humourous atmosphere , the students of this project embarked on sewing to give a second life to clothes, to encourage young people not to wear only new, to give some profits of the company to the needy and finally to allow the reintegration of jobless people into the world of work. With the help of local entrepreneurs, the students gradually gave birth to Y.E.S.

Emporio Tirreno Express from Italy

Emporio Tirreno Express is a virtual company created for the Erasmus K2 school project named “Entrepreneurial Mindset for a Successful Life”.

We are going to represent a virtual Export Business in our school in Cava De Tirreni. We will export our products to France,Spain and Bulgaria.

In this web site “Emporio Tirreno Express” people can find , choose and buy quality products safely, since it allows commercial transactions that would otherwise require significantly higher costs and times.

Our products offer the unmistakable quality and taste of 100% Italian products, carefully selected and processed at every stage to ensure maximum efficiency, because behind them there is a team made up of farmers, workers, members who bring into your homes the best of nature.

ROSE Advertisement from Bulgaria

The name of the company is ROSE Advertisement (an advertising agency). It has been chosen by the students – studying intensively ICT and various applications – involved in the project, who worked together to create fully – integrated advertising campaigns that transform audiences into customers.

The company images bring brand stories to life, matching the customer’s message to a stunning design in order to ensure spectacular results. It is a social entrepreneurship business as it also invests in improving the social environment – hiring people in need of a job, donating and creating products beneficial to specific communities. This model is the way forward since it is a conscious contribution to society while developing a certain field of the market.