Academician Boyan Petkanchin

Academician Boyan Petkanchin

Secondary Natural Sciences School Academician Boyan Petkanchin was founded in 1972. The school is one of the first schools in the country, set up to provide its students specialized secondary education in the subject of Mathematics.

Over the years, evidence of the students’ achievements have been their participation in regional, national and international competitions and Olympiads in Mathematics, Informatics and Information Technologies, Mathematical Linguistics, English Language, Physics and Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, History, Sports.

This school year 2017/2018 SNSS “Acad. Boyan Petkanchin” has 725 students attending the school at the age of 13 to 19 years. Until now SNSS “Acad. Boyan Petkanchin”, Haskovo has prepared over 4,700 young people who have continued their academic studies at universities in Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, the UK and the USA.

In January 2015, a project, including transformation and modernization of the school equipment, was implemented. It was granted by the Foundation America for Bulgaria that provided modern computers, laboratory and presentation equipment, smart boards, software products and modern training aids and materials. This implies new teaching methods as the students are actively included in the teaching process, on one hand, and on the other it is a big challenge for the teachers to prepare digital lessons and provide interactive education in class.

One of the main objectives of the school development strategy is connected with the continuous development of the teachers in the quickly changeable contemporary world, acquiring knowledge and experience to use new technologies in order to achieve high quality in education.

SNSS “Acad. Boyan Petkanchin” provides a variety of extracurricular activities for students, most of them financed by EU structural funds, in the field of Mathematics, Informatics and technologies, Sports, Arts, Foreign Languages, Ecology and Science.

SNSS “Acad. Boyan Petkanchin” has participated in Comenius projects since 2005 with partners from different European countries.

– 2005 – 2007 “European standards for young people insertion on the labor market” . Organization’s role in the project – partner. A common project in the field of exploration of economics and work possibilities at regions of partnering organizations – Haskovo –

Bulgaria, Iasi – Romania, Bretan – France, Anadola – Turkey, Regio Emilia – Italy and Messina – Italy. Education of young people about finding job opportunities, applying for a job, preparing for interview and so on.

– 2008 – 2010 “Liches and atmospheric pollution” – Organization’s role in the project – partner. A partnership project, which aims at acquiring knowledge about the air quality in various areas of the European continent through a survey of the lichen presence, evaluating the pollution degree through the comparison of the results by standard charts, increasing attractiveness of learning through environmental analysis and thematic excursions, a variety of information sources, collaboration with institutions of interest and widespread use of ICT and foreign languages.

– 2012 – 2014 “Perceiving the world though different dimensions” – Organization’s role in the project – partner. One partnership project, based on multicultural exchange of traditions, history, culture and their transition to every student, teacher, parent from five partnering schools, trough technology, art, crafts and meetings. Partners were form Ankara-Turkey, Panaci – Romania, Viadana – Italy, Omagh – UK and Riga – Latvia.

– 2015 – 2016 “Teacher +”, Erasmus +”, KA1 – Organization’s role in the project – applicant without partners. Short term trainings for teachers and staff, combining language development and methodology, using ICT and drama techniques in the teaching process, conflict mediation and “Erasmus +” projects management.

-2016-2018 “The new teachers for a new school”. KA1 – Organization’s role in the project – applicant without partners. Short term trainings for teachers, combining development of new school digital strategy, ICT, competences- and project-based approach of teaching and learning.

The school has participated in eTwinning projects – “Hello my friends”, “Educational Movies”, “We are WHO”, “In a Foreign Land”, “Ancient Delights”, “Creative Thinking – Lift to Success” – the successful cooperation of the partners in this project was the main reason for the occurrence of the idea of writing this project and to get the opportunity for real face -to-face meetings between the partners.