Activities in each school

Activities done at Lycée Léonard de Vinci (France)



The evaluation of the activities carried out in France between september 2017 and march 2019.

First activities .

Thursday, December 21st,2017.6 p.m at the lycée.
Description – Conference on management by a local entrepreneur (M. Defour). in French – 1 hour (power point) – 30 students present – 4 teachers present –

Goals – a technical presentation of what managing means and can be like – a personal and concrete experience shared with an entrepreneur, students and teachers. – recording the conference


S – the majority of students were interested (managing is part of their schedule) – other Erasmus students not specialised decided to come – 5 students stayed at the end of the conference to talk with M. Defour – we have a power point that can be send to our partners and used in other French classes – a film was shot by Gilles (biology teacher). The montage is made.
W – just before the holidays. Some students eager to go. – the conference was held in French so will have to be translated into English – no media

O-translation practice to be done – improving the dissemination
T – technical problems. The date, just before the Xmas holidays. The only way to reach other students than the Erasmus ones.
EVALUATION. (based on SWOT=Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

Exchanging with a manager



  • Friday, January 19th
    , 2018.
    OFFICIAL OPENING OF THE ERASMUS+ in presence of the local press.
    GoalsInform the parents about the project, the financial aspect, the mobilities,
    the way we work with the students -Answer their questions -Check who will host
    (22nd to the 29th april 2018)
    Having all the actors together Dissemination of the project locally The project
    Description: Meeting with the parents whose children want to join the Erasmus+. 24
    parents present/ 23 parents ready to host. 5 parents not present/ potentially
    ready to host. The Headmaster: M. Gay, Julie (in charge of the financial aspect) 6
    teachers present.
    The students, 9 entrepreneurs, 7 teachers , a representative of the townhall, a representative of the tourist office .
  • A skype
    with Eli, the coordinator .
    A buffet at the school restaurant for all the participants.
    The students presented the reasons why they want to participate to the
    Erasmus+. They made a pitch as entrepreneurs would do when presenting their company, some in English, others in French.
    A student presented the NGO she supports and talked about it to the audience
    and collected money.
    The entrepreneurs pitched their companies.  2 teachers who are also
    entrepreneurs presented their companies.
    We organised a skype with Elizabeth, the Spanish coordinator of the project so
    that the students, families and teachers could have a word with her.
    Previously we had a chat with the Italian partners through Etwinning on the forum.


  •  S-Number of parents involved -A parent is involved in an organisation for
    children. (charity that will be organised for January 19th 2018)- Interview with one
    media: half an hour before the beginning of the meeting – The studenst’s pitches –
    The students got to know each other better – The entrepreneurs saw the
    students were enthusiastic – Warm atmosphere – Good dissemination to the
    authorities made by the Headmaster
    W – The French students and teachers don’t have a steady place and schedule
    to work together. – There is no visibility of the project in our school yet. The
    interviews with the other media. Too busy to answer well. Fewer people at the
    O – ideas about financing a trip with the students in Bulgaria . The parents suggest
    each family will give the same amount of money when their child travels.That
    money will be shared and used for Bulgaria. So all the parents would take part
    equally. Necessity to explain the link between the charity and the project


  • The
    authorities in Clermont will publish an article about our project
    T -One family dropped out a few days later. A student thought she couldn’t cope with the work.


The beginning of the adventure.

Let’s go!

February, march, beginning of april 2018. Tuesdays (lunch time).
Teachers’ interventions on various subjects.

Goals: Preparing the students’ interventions on local market research, formers jobs, and the ideas for the future company. Preparing for the blended mobility in Monistrol.
Kristyna Grande (economy and finance): How to write an efficient CV.
Sandrine Bouchand (marketing and management): Difference between a linear economy and a circular economy.
Dominique Champeix (maths): How to use «Excel » and deal with figures and statistics
Mireille Pons (history and geography): The history of our region. The local jobs. Former jobs around Monistrol.
Sophie Charles (biology teacher and resposible for the sewing club).
Gilles Mondon (biology teacher, a drone company manager): preparing for the group photo for the blended meeting in April in France.


Sandrine Bouchand and a student interviewed an old lady who is 85 about the jobs that used to exist at the beginning and mid 20th century in Monistrol.

-Creation of a messenger group to communicate with all the French Erasmus+ students. We carry out surveys, communicate dates and
time make brainstormings, exchange ideas and actions (raising money for the tickets to Bulgaria etc … share photos and videos about the project…) – Working with a student (not involved directly in the project) to make a graph wall for the Erasmus+ project.
S- The headquarters allow us to have a quiet and inspirational setting. The team is beginning to work well together as all the students are involved in the presentations for april. The students understand the necessity to collaborate and get to know the intense work that is required in a company.

W- Lack of time. No hours in the time tables.

O- the mobilities to come are a great incentive for the students. The excitement of hosting young partners , they learn to know through social networks. Having ideas for the future company.

T- the difficulty of pairing the students. Running out of time.

Teaching during lunch time. The students are very focused.




Friday March 23rd, 2018 Saturday, March 24th, 2018 The Open doors days.
Friday afternoon. Decorating a room with the flags of the partners’ countries. Allowing the students to communicate about their project with parents and students who will attend the highschool next school year. Working on the presentations. Working on our company. Main sectors defined: human resources, law, finance, production, management, marketing, partners. Saturday morning.
Other students communicated about the project to parents and students.
Saturday morning: The round table with the local entrepreneurs. Sharing their professionnal experiences.

Goals: DISSEMINATING THE PROJECT: Making the project visible by the lycée, students, teachers, parents and entrepreneurs Organisation of a round table with local entrepreneurs. Sharing their profesionnal experience with the students.

S Very good training for the students to explain the project and communicate with adults and other peers. Very interesting dialogue with the entrepreneurs. Many aspects evoked: innovation, creativity, entrepreneurial mindset, taking risks, how to deal with failure, anticipation,curioisty, collaborative work, profesionnal network,
the importance of having partner companies, when to talk about salaries during a job interview … Getting ready and enthusiastic about the blended mobility to come. Getting more seif-confident.

W-Not all the students took part. The students who participated mainly listened. They could have been more involved. However they were really surprised to hear about the very different and human experiences the entrepreneurs went through.

O Organising conferences held by entrepreneurs and school opened to other students and teachers. T Being too abstract in the creation of the company

Our headquarter


After the round table with the entrepreneurs.

Gautier preparing the banner.

Thank you Gautier. Such a talented student. 


See you soon.

Nice messages left by European students and teachers.


Evaluation SEPTEMBER 2018/ MARCH 2019.

September , october 2018.


Thank you to e-media and Frédéric Florin.

Working with the school video club
The weekly meetings were held twice a week thus allowing more
students and teachers to join.
Description – After a previous work of how to elaborate a business
plan with specialised teachers: management teacher and economics and
finance teacher, all the students participated during our weekly
meetings and on the Messenger group, giving ideas. They elaborated a
video that will serve as a pitch for the presentation of our business
plan in Spain
Goals: having professional advice on making a script as proposed and
S – a very concrete and professional experience – very creative and
innovative ideas – creativity, transforming ideas into a video. Explaining
to other students the project.
W – not all the students could participate
O – strenghtening the links with the coworking and the students’ team
the video club
T – lack of time


Wednesday afternoon , presenting our business plan at the co working company in Monistrol. A great help from a professional. Thank you Damien.


Creating a company requires a lot of thinking indeed! Read below.

Wednesday October 24th , 2018 at the CO WORKING.
Once the draft of the business plan was made, we organised an afternoon meeting at Monistrol co-working. We spent 3 hours with the manager who gave professional advice to the students about what a business plan is. They could ask him as many questions as they wanted about the work they had already done.
The students, then started a team work so to produce a powerpoint to be presented for the mobility in Spain.
They decided that the eight students going to Spain would each present a sector of their company: Y.E.S. (C.E.O, C.F.O, Logistics, marketing, product manager etc …) The logo and the film would be added to the presentation.

Friday November 16th. 6 pm at school. 

Round Table with local entrepreneurs.

Description: 2 hours after school on a friday evening to meet three local entrepreneurs.

Goals: -increasing the communication between schools and entrepreneurs. – developing the students’ entrepreneurial mindsetsgrowing self- confidence in addressing adults and professionals – having professional advice
The students who went to Bulgaria presented the activities done there. It was a way to thank the entrepreneur who financially made it possible for them to travel. They had decided to share their experience with him.
The students who went to Spain presented their business plan and also the work they did in Torremolinos. (their visit to a co workig where they worked on each other’s business plans.). They also talked about the other 3 companies.
A discussion followed on the importance of making a business plan as well as making it evolve to adapt to the customers. The entrepreneurs congratulated the students for their enthusiasm and creativity.


Many thanks to all for an enriching evening.


Pascale from “Les Jardins de Cocagne”, our headmaster, M. Gay, Jean Marc Defour from “Fayolle Chaudronnerie”, Pierre from “Thonic Innovation” and 2 attentive teachers.


December 2018/ January 2019/ February 2019.
goals: Producing for the mobility in Italy.
Producing the material for the fashion show that will be presented in Italy. – experimenting the work of employees as the students decided to make their own upcycled clothes with the help of the teachers in charge of the sewing club at the lycée.

– The boarders and other students joined the sewing club on tuesday evenings from to, thus learning some sewing machine techniques. – The Erasmus meetings were held twice a week to accelerate the production. – -The firday aftertoon before the mobility to Italy was devoted to the rehearsal for the fashion show.

A student created the musics on a phone application.

– She also prepared a market survey to be given to the students’ partners in Italy. This will allow her to have an international pannel answers to be able to compare it with the French survey conducted in our lycée.

This is a market survey about your dressing habits

Who would have thought that these “orphan socks” would become flowers in a bride’s bouquet? Thanks to Marion’s sister who keeps losing one sock!

Socks and other bits and pieces that were to be thrown away. No waste, reuse, recycle.

Creating is a long process which requires a lot of work.

Hardwork can be fun too!

Upcycling is a team work.

Guess what was used to make the shoulder strap!


Jewels made of ties.

2 trousers in one.


The draft for Y.E.S website.


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Evaluation March 2018/ March 2019.