C2: Meeting in France

First Blended Mobility of school learners in France

On this page you will find a summary of the activities carried out within our Erasmus + project EMSL during the meeting in Monistrol-sur-Loire (France). The photographs have a fundamental role in the narration of this wonderful experience.

Beginning of the trip

The trip started at three different airports located in Spain, Bulgaria and Italy. The visiting teams left for Lyon feeling that a wonderful experience awaited them. In Lyon the families of the French students were waiting to take us to Monistrol-sur-Loire.

Spanish and Bulgarian students at the airport 

Welcome at Lycée Léonard de Vinci

Our first day in France began with a welcome breakfast at Lycée Léonard De Vinci. We were received by the headmaster of the school, David Gay, and a group of teachers, coordinated by the English teacher Françoise Sauvade. Quickly the feeling of a single great educational community filled the atmosphere.


Working sessions began







After breakfast it was time to start working. The French coordinator gave us the program of the week and each participant received a bag with customized work material – notebooks, flash drives and other items customized with the logo of the project.

Lycée Leonard de Vinci facilities

We discovered the wonderful facilities of the Lycée Leonard de Vinci at the hands of its students and faculty.

Students’ working sessions

Divided into four international groups of ten students each, our students prepared visits each day to three different companies during the week. The main task was to know what to ask the managers of these companies that could be useful when creating our companies. After each visit they would meet again to prepare a report on the conclusions of the visit in the form of a digital presentation, radio podcast or poster.


Visit to “Les Jardins de Cocagne”



Students had the opportunity to ask a lot of questions to the manager and learn about this company.

We discovered a company where organic farming is used to provide employment to people who otherwise would have problems entering the labour market. A magnificent example of social enterprise where the person is at the centre of everything.

Visit to a “Co-working” space

We were received by one of the two founders of this shared work space. In this place a group of entrepreneurs with completely different occupations worked sharing space and ideas. They had created a community where they could share experiences and enrich each other.


Visit to Dervaux

In this third company we were surprised by a large company that worked with metals. We learned that each piece that no longer had use could be recycled and converted into something new.


First student presentations

We had the opportunity to learn about the cities in which the four schools that are part of our project are located: their culture, their economy and their traditions. Also about the work that had been developed in each school within the project. Before the meeting in France, the students had prepared digital presentations that showed a quality work, as well as a great level of English.


IUT Le Puy-en-Velay

Not far from Monistrol-sur-Loire is situated the beautiful city of Le Puy-en-Velay. We visited the technical university "IUT Le Puy-en-Velay". We were able to attend different lessons: chemistry, mathematics in programming, and multimedia. They explained to us the important link they had with the business world and the different types of innovative methodology they used.


Le Puy-en-Velay


Walking through the streets of Le Puy-en-Velay was like traveling to the past.

Working with drones

The French team surprised us with this activity in which we took pictures using a drone. The students had the opportunity to experience what the drone sees thanks to “special glasses”.


A graffiti to represent the company of the future


Art was also part of this meeting. A graffiti was made using the ideas given by each country about ​​what an ideal company of the future should have. A French student was the artist who helped to make a collective graffiti.

Presentation of the companies that would be created at each school

In the months prior to the meeting, each school held training workshops on entrepreneurship. This training was put into practice developing the idea for a company that would be created in each school in the coming months. This meeting was the moment to present the business idea of each country:  

IES Playamar: They will create an educational board game, which will help primary school children learn about equality while having fun.

Lycée Léonard de Vinci: They will create a company that will use recycled fabrics giving them a new life. 

Prirodo-matematicheska gymnasium “Akad. Boyan Petkanchin”: They will develop a company of talents. 

IIS Della Corte Vanvitelli: They will set up an import and export company of handicraft products.

Presentation of the works developed during the week

Friday was the day to present all the conclusions of the work done during the week: digital presentations, recordings on the school’s radio, posters, etc.

Teacher training workshop and working sessions

During the week we had time to hold various coordination meetings to establish the next steps to follow in the development of the project.

We also participated in training workshops. Luke Atkins taught a training workshop on web page development using WordPress and the importance of having a solid presence in social networks for the development of an Erasmus + project.

We must emphasize the quality and relevance for our project of this training and use these lines to thank Luke for his great work.

In addition, Gergana Petrova conducted a workshop on eTwinning platform tools and organization of a shared virtual space.



After a week of hard work, we spent Saturday discovering the streets of Lyon. Undoubtedly a place to return.

Presentations developed by the students for this meeting

Before the meeting students at each of the schools developed some presentations about the economy of their cities and the companies they were creating for this Erasmus+ project.

You can see here part of this work.

Spanish presentations

A presentation about Málaga’s economy developed by the Spanish students.

Malaga´s Economy2
Malaga´s Economy3
Malaga´s Economy4
Malaga´s Economy5
Malaga´s Economy6
Malaga´s Economy7
Malaga´s Economy8
Malaga´s Economy9
Malaga´s Economy10
Malaga´s Economy11
Malaga´s Economy12
Malaga´s Economy13
Malaga´s Economy14
Malaga´s Economy15
Malaga´s Economy16
Malaga´s Economy17
Malaga´s Economy18
Malaga´s Economy19
Malaga´s Economy20
Malaga´s Economy21
Malaga´s Economy22
Malaga´s Economy23
Malaga´s Economy24
Malaga´s Economy25
Malaga´s Economy26
Malaga´s Economy27
Malaga´s Economy28
Malaga´s Economy29
Malaga´s Economy30
Malaga´s Economy31
Malaga´s Economy32
Malaga´s Economy33
Malaga´s Economy34
Malaga´s Economy35
Malaga´s Economy36
Malaga´s Economy37
Malaga´s Economy39
Malaga´s Economy40
Malaga´s Economy41
Malaga´s Economy42
Malaga´s Economy43
Malaga´s Economy44
Malaga´s Economy45
Malaga´s Economy46
Malaga´s Economy47
Malaga´s Economy48
Malaga´s Economy49
Malaga´s Economy50
Malaga´s Economy51
Malaga´s Economy52
Malaga´s Economy53
Malaga´s Economy54
Malaga´s Economy55
Malaga´s Economy56
Malaga´s Economy57
Malaga´s Economy58
Malaga´s Economy59

French Presentations

The students worked on their own to present their town and region labour market.

labour market in Monistrol

development of Monistrol

They got information from the job centre in Monistrol who gave them statistics about the evolution of the jobs chosen by the young in the region.

They interviewed a lady from the town . She talked about the former jobs that used to employ hundreds of people in Monistrol.

former jobs

The town developed rapidly after the building up of the motorway linking Saint Etienne and Le Puy en Velay in the 1990s.

These researches were carried out by different groups, thus allowing the 20 students involved in the Erasmus to share the work and experience an “entrepreneurial mindset”.

They started creating their own company by agreeing on the frame and the philosophy that will help them build it up.


Our Company 


Italian Presentations

Bruschetta 1
Grain cake1
Grain cake2
Business study1
Business study2
Business study3
Business study4
Business study5
Business study6
Business study7
Business study8
Business study9
Business study10
Business study11
Business study12
Business study13
Business study14
Business study15
Business study16
Business study17
Business study18
Italian Economy1
Italian Economy2
Italian Economy3
Italian Economy4
Italian Economy5
Italian Economy6
Italian Economy7
Italian Economy8
Italian Economy9
Italian Economy10
Italian Economy11
Italian Economy12
Italian Economy13
Italian Economy14
Types of companies in Italy1
Types of companies in Italy2
Types of companies in Italy3
Types of companies in Italy4
Types of companies in Italy5
Types of companies in Italy6
Types of companies in Italy7
Types of companies in Italy8
Types of companies in Italy9
Types of companies in Italy10

Bulgarian Presentations

Coming soon

Final product developed during the meeting

Here you will find some of the students’ work developed during this meeting at Lycèe Lèornard de Vinci.

Les jardins1
Les jardins2
Les jardins3
Les jardins4
Les jardins5

The final task

Our students visited three different companies during the meeting.

As a final task we asked them to make a comparative study according to FOUR criteria.

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